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AHDS Repository Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures that guide the operation of the AHDS digital repository

The AHDS series of Preservation Handbooks identify significant properties of the data types provide instruction for AHDS staff on how best to preserve digital objects, in accordance with "a migration based preservation approach, incorporating migration to standard formats during ingest." While created with this internal purpose in mind, they may well be of interest to other users and are made available here.

AudioPDF version (55kb}RTF version (143kb}
Moving imagesPDF version (58kb}RTF version (188kb}
Plain TextPDF version (53kb)RTF version (169kb)
Digital By-productsPDF version (22kb}RTF version (71kb}
Marked-Up TextPDF version (96kb}RTF version (133kb}
Binary Text / Word Processor DocumentsPDF version (76kb}RTF version (158kb}
Relational DatabasesPDF version (100kb}RTF version (102kb}
Statistical Data FilesPDF version (92kb}RTF version (110kb}
GISPDF version (85kb}RTF version (169kb}
CADPDF version (91kb}RTF version (116kb}
Bitmap (raster) ImagesPDF version (73kb)RTF version (110kb)
Vector GraphicsPDF version (91kb}RTF version (117kb}
Geophysics data filePDF version (73kb}RTF version (84kb}
SpreadsheetsPDF version (125kb}RTF version (173kb}