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SCI-ART: Bio-Robotic Choreography

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Sci-Art: Bio-Robotic Choreography was a project conducted in 2001 to develop an insect-like robot and explore the issues associated with human/machine interaction. The robot served as an extension to the human body, enabling the participant to experiment with alternative kinds of choreography. The robot's mode of locomotion, its direction and speed were controlled by the shifting of the human participant's weight or torso movement.

The Project was lead by the Performance Arts Digital Research Unit at The Nottingham Trent University, working in collaboration with the School of Cognitive and Computer Sciences at The University of Sussex. It was supported by the Wellcome Trust.

This web site contains the project outputs of the original Sci-Art web site. The outputs include documentation, photographs and animations stored in the GIF and Flash format. They are reproduced on this web site 'as is', in the original format in which they were created.

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