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Independent Local Radio Collection

This collection is held for preservation only | Find out more from the AHDS collection record for this resource

Electronic catalogue of Independent Local Radio Programme sharing scheme. The catalogue documents the content of 1,123 sound files which are digitised versions of the original Programme Sharing Archive, which consists of 1,570 quarter-inch analogue audio tapes of various durations. This unique record of a key time in the history of commercial radio, which has been largely forgotten has until now been in danger of being obliterated forever as the oxide on the original tapes progressively degenerates. The collection also contains the Programme Sharing Information Sheets, detailing information and personnel featured in the making of the programmes as well as interviewees, cast members etc., theme, title, summary of content and the producing station. Many of these stations have long since ceased to exist. The history of commercial radio in Britain is seen to have commenced in October 1973 with the granting of a land-based licence to LBC, the London Broadcasting Company. Before the 1990 Broadcasting Act, commercial radio in Britain was administered by the IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority). The value of this archive to Radio Studies/Radio Research is that it represents evidence of a style of commercial broadcasting which no longer exists in Britain.

The collection is not available through AHDS Performing Arts collections, but can be accessed via the British Library Sound Archives at or via Athens login at

Contact: Prof Sean Street sstreet AT

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