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Anatomical Exoskeleton

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Anatomical Exoskeleton was a continuation of the SCI-ART: BIO-ROBOTIC CHOREOGRAPHY project supported by The Wellcome Trust. The project worked in collaboration with the School of Cognitive and Computer Sciences at The University of Sussex to explore the interfaces between the robot and sensor technologies. The Human-Machine Choreography project was an interdisciplinary project performed by the Digital Research Unit in the School of Art and Design at The Nottingham Trent University. It involved the development of a six-legged walking machine using an anatomical exoskeleton apparatus that explores a novel hybrid human-machine system. The second stage of this project was sub-titled 'Anatomical Exoskeleton'. The second stage of the research further explored the creative possibilities for art and dance performance and aimed to:

  • explore and translate human movement into insect and animal-like machine locomotion.
  • experiment with virtual and VRML interfaces with the physical robot for use in interactive web performance and to extend audience participation.
  • explore the sound potential presented not only by amplifying the machine sounds, created by the pneumatic and mechanical elements, but also by using pressure and orientation sensors.

This web site contains the project outputs of the original Sci-Art web site. The outputs include documentation, photographs and animations stored in the GIF and Flash format. They are reproduced on this web site 'as is', in the original format in which they were created.

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