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The Digital Performance Archive aimed to archive and critically analyse significant new interdisciplinary developments in performance which draw upon, (or exist within) digital media in its varied forms. To this end, The Digital Performance Archive undertook a comprehensive study and recording of the development of ‘digital performance’ in the last decade of the Twentieth Century.

The study covers both digital resources used IN performance and digital resources ON performance in the period studied. Digital resources in performance include theatrical productions and live–art installations that incorporate electronic media, to live–broadcast World Wide Web performances and Internet based collaborations, to interactive drama and the new performative ‘virtual environments’ of MUDS, MOOs and IRC. Digital resources on performance include those being used to document, analyse and critique performance: from performing arts databases, websites and mailing lists, to academic CD-ROMS and DVDs.

The project is of value to researchers across a wide range of academic disciplines, from drama and performance to art and design, from the social sciences to computer science and cybernetics.

The archive was a joint project between the Digital Research Unit of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at The Nottingham Trent University, and the Media and Performance Research Unit, School of Media, Music and Performance at the University of Salford.

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