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The Citywide performance project explores new kinds of artistic performance that take place on the streets of a city and simultaneously online. These performances take the form of games in which street players and online players compete and collaborate in order to try to establish an understanding of one another's environment and experience. The aim is to mix digital content with live action to create a compelling experience for both kinds of players. The project culminated in the construction of a number of highly visible mixed-reality experiences. Can You See Me Now? provided an opportunity to assess real and practical use of mobile technologies in a game that continues to tour to numerous cities. Uncle Roy All Around You highlighted the challenges of orchestrating a mixed-reality experience that places members of the public on the streets with mobile technology. The resource consists of a number of publications that describe the construction and deployment of a number of mobile mixed-reality experiences, and subsequent analysis and revisions. This is accompanied by video documentation of the experiences, and an application that allows a spectator to review a 3D recording of one of the experiences.

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