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Digitising History

A Guide to Creating Digital Resources from Historical Documents



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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1  Background
1.2  Aims and objectives
1.3  Outline
Chapter 2: Managing Digital Resource Creation Projects
2.1  Introduction
2.2  The context of digital resource creation
2.3  Planning digital resource creation
2.4  Creating breathing space: specifications and priorities
2.5  The link between resource creation and research
2.6  Documenting the project
2.7  Managing real world projects: tough decisions
2.8  Summary
Chapter 3: From Source to Database
3.1  Introduction
3.2  Defining aims and objectives of the project
3.3  Links between source and database
3.4  Sketching the database structure
3.5  Transcription and data entry
Chapter 4: Further Data and Preservation Issues
4.1  Introduction
4.2  Database integrity and practice
4.3  Software, formats and preservation standards
Chapter 5: Documenting a Data Creation Project
5.1  Why is good documentation important?
5.2  Guidelines for documenting a data creation project
Chapter 6: Archiving and Preserving Data
6.1  What is the History Data Service?
6.2  What are the benefits of depositing data with the HDS?
6.3  Step-by-step guide to depositing data with the HDS
6.4  Further information
Chapter 7: Glossary and Bibliography
7.1  Glossary
7.2  Bibliography

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